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The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University (SCNU), abbreviated as Huafu in Chinese, is among the first schools designated as a “State-Level Model High School”, the only one of its kind that is co-managed by the Ministry of Education of Guangdong Province and South China Normal University. With Guangdong Olympiad School (supervised by Guangdong Education Department) as a constituent part, Huafu is also honored with the title of “Head of the Red Army School in South China”.
承传百年辉煌历程   恪守为国育才使命
Passing On The Hundred Years Of Glory By Bringing Up 
Talents For The Country
华附前身始于清光绪十四年(1888年)的广州格致书院,至今已有130年历史。1952年,岭南大学附中、中山大学附中、广东文理学院附中、华南联大附中四校合并,定名为“华南师范学院附属中学”;1982年,随华南师范大学更名为“华南师范大学附属中学”。历代华附人秉承“进德修业,格物致知”的校训,遵循“以完整的现代教育塑造高素质的现代人”的办学宗旨,坚持“培养为民族复兴而努力学习的时代新人”的育人理念,形成“敢为人先,追求一流,崇尚卓越”的华附精神,不断引领中国基础教育改革新方向。20世纪50年代,因推行“启发式教学”改革而成为 “岭南基础教育的一面红旗”;80年代初,率先开展课外活动和分层教学,确立了在广东省乃至全国基础教育领域的标杆地位。从本世纪初至今,创建并不断完善多元化特色化课程体系,使学校继续勇立中国教育改革新潮头。
Huafu has inherited a rich historical heritage stretching back to 1888, when its predecessor, Guangzhou Gezhi Academy, was founded, with a history of 130 years.  The year 1952 saw the founding of the new Affiliated High School of South China Normal University by  amalgamating four schools, The Affiliated High School of Lingnan University, The Affiliated High School of Sun Yat-sen University, The Affiliated High School of Kwangtung College of Arts and Sciences, and The Affiliated High School of South China Union University. The motto of the school is “Advancing in virtue and refining the deeds; investigating things and extending knowledge”, and the mission is “to turn out high quality graduates through a holistic modern educational system” and “to turn out hard-working learners for the national rejuvenation in the new era”. After generations of hard work as a leading institute in secondary education reform, Huafu has its shared value in place, which is “dare to pioneer, aim for excellence and strive for the best”. In the 1950s, the school was regarded as “a beacon of excellence in Lingnan secondary education” for advocating “the Inductive teaching approach”.  In the early 1980s, the school took the initiative to organize extra-curriculum activities and graded teaching, and became a benchmarking school in secondary education in Guangdong, even throughout China. Ever since the beginning of this century, the diversification characterization of training models with distinguishing features have sustained its stand in the forefront of Chinese education reform.
Huafu has nurtured and produced a great number of talented people renowned in and out of China, among whom are Chen Shaibai, the democratic revolutionist;  Lin yimin, a democratic revolution martyr; Xian Xinghai, the people’s musician; Gao Jianfu, the founder of the Lingnan School of Chinese art; Liao Chengzhi, a proletarian revolutionist; Tan Tiandu, a revolutionary pioneer; Zeng Sheng, commander of the “Dong Jiang troop”; Huang Yaoxiang, agronomist and academician of CAS; Deng Ximing, physicist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); Cai Ruixian, physicist and academician of CAS; Fan Haifu, chemist and and academician of CAS; Ceng Kefa, phycist and academician of CAS; Jiang Boju, mathematician and academician of CAS; Zhong Nanshan, medical scientist and and academician of CAS; and master sportspersons such as Chen Jingkai and Feng Shanshan.
Because of its outstanding achievements, the school has been inspected by party and state leaders in different times, including Jiang Zemin, Li Lanqing, Wen Jiabao. In 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote an inscription for the Red Army School, which reads “Holding up the sun of tomorrow”.
名师荟萃引领发展   一校五区服务岭南
Competitive Faculty Taking The Lead While Five Campuses In Full Swing
The school boasts an impressive number of faculty members with high qualifications. There are currently 278 faculty members, including 209 full-time teachers, 40.4% with a master’s degree and 3 with a doctoral degree. There are 110 senior teachers, 5 top-ranked “master teachers” and 3 with Senior Professional title. 13 teachers have acquired the title of “National Model Teacher,” “Outstanding Teacher” or “National Educator”, and one has the title of “National Master Artist”.  35 teachers are named “Nanyue Distinguished Teacher,” “Nanyue Outstanding teacher,” or have received the “National Labor Medal.”  4 have acquired the title of “Outstanding Teacher” in Guangzhou, and 12 have got the training opportunity to participate in the “Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand” Project in the Guangdong General Education System. 10 teachers have set up their “Guangdong Master Teacher’s Workshops”, and one has her “Guangdong Head Teacher’s Workshop”.
Teaching research is bringing in fruitful achievements, with two National Innovation Excellence Awards, four First Prizes and four Second Prizes in the Guangdong General Education Teaching Research Achievement, six Province Educational Research Achievement Awards (Huanghua Award), nine Guangdong Middle and Primary School Innovation Awards.
The school today is a diverse, collectivized education group, comprised of the Main Campus at No. 1, Zhongshan West Road in Tianhe District, Guangzhou,  and four branch schools, including Panyu School in Panyu District, Guangzhou; Linnan New World School in Baiyun District, Guangzhou; Nanhai Experimental High school in Nanhai District, Foshan City; and Shanwei School on Tonghang Road, Shanwei City.  
素质教育硕果累累   全面特色创新发展 
Characteristic Quality-Oriented Education Fruitful In
An Innovative And All-Round Way
In the university entrance exam, Huafu has topped the winners-list by producing the most top-scorers among Guangdong schools ever since the reform and opening-up, being the only school in Guangdong with more than 90% of its graduates scoring higher above the minimum requirements of key universities for 18 consecutive years from 2001 to 2018. Every year more than thirty graduates get admitted into Tsinghua University or Peking University and more than 60% of its graduates go to universities sponsored by Project 985.
学科奥赛全国领先。1994年以来,学校获得“数学、物理、化学、生物学、信息学” 国际中学生奥林匹克竞赛金牌14枚(位列全国第6名)、银牌1枚、铜牌1枚,获得国际天文和天体物理奥赛、国际地理奥赛、亚洲物理奥赛、俄罗斯数学奥数等学科竞赛金牌17枚、银牌15枚、铜牌2枚。 
Huafu is a leading player in the International Olympiad competitions, with 14 gold medals, one silver and one bronze for mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and information technology since 1994 (ranking the sixth in all the schools across the country). In addition, the school is also holder of 17 gold medals, 15 silver medals and 2 bronze medals for astronomy and astrophysics in International Olympiad, geography in International Olympiad, physics in Asian Olympiad and mathematics in the National Olympiad in Russia.
科技创新闻名于世。近5年来,学校获得“巴黎世界博览会” 金奖3人次,二等奖2人次,三等奖2人次;“国际英特尔大赛”一等奖1人次;“全国青少年科技创新大赛” 一等奖5人次,二等奖1人次,三等奖2人次;“明天小小科学家”一等奖3人次,二等奖3人次,三等奖2人次;获“丘成桐中学科学奖全球总决赛”一等奖1人次,二等奖2人次,三等奖6人次。学校是 “首批全国科技创新十佳学校”。 
Huafu has made remarkable advancements in science and technology innovation competitions, and is granted the honorable title of “Top Ten School in National Science and Technology Innovation”. In the past five years, the school has won three gold medals, two second prizes and three third prizes for the Paris World Exposition, and the first prize for the Intel Talent Award. Moreover, the school is five times first prize winner, one time second prize winner and two times third prize winner in The China Adolescents Science & Technology Innovation Contest. In The Little Scientist in the Future competition, the school has three first prize winners, three second prize winners and two third prize winners. In The Dongrun-Yau Science Award, the school has one first prize winner, two second prize winners and six third prize winners.
Huafu is the “National School of Track and Field as Traditional Sport”, “Guangdong School of Track and Field, Swimming and Football as Traditional Sports”. Education in sports and arts is well represented on the sports fields and in various competitions. Huafu Swimming Team has four times taken part in World Schools Swimming Championships representing China and has achieved six third places in different competitions, and has won 23 golds, 27 silvers and 21 bronzes in the National High School Swimming Championships. In the National High School Track and Field Championships, 6 golds, 6 silvers and 7 bronzes have been collected. The school football team won the third place in the 2017 National Sports Meet and the first place for the High School Group in the 2017 Guangdong Football “Governor’s Cup”. The school aerobics team won three grand prizes in national competitions. The choir won the first prize in the 2017 Guangzhou Chorus Competition.
The curriculum and rich culture of the school provides nourishments for the growth of the students. Social immersion programs in the countryside encourage students to serve the country, and the volunteer activities make good platforms for service learning projects. The approximate one hundred school-based courses in science, arts, sports, social activities, career development, and international education, help explore the academic interests and maximize the potential of individual student.  A great range of festivals, including festivals of sports, arts, communities, science, technology & culture, English language and psychology, provide excellent opportunities for a show of the students’ talents and interests.
Outstanding achievements in international education are well recognized. Huafu International Department (HFI) offers the International Foundation Year (IFY) program, accredited by the Northern Consortium (NCUK), allowing matriculation to British and Australian universities, and an Advanced Placement program, allowing students to matriculate to tertiary education in the United States. 90% students in AP program are admitted to the TOP 50 universities in the US, 57% to the TOP 30 universities and colleges in the United States, Canada or Hong Kong, China, 20% to the TOP 20 universities and colleges in the United States.